Friday, 5 January 2018

US officially suspends the suspension of Pakistan's defense aid 'Aid to help decisive action against the Haqqani network - US Department of State

The United States has officially announced the suspension of Pakistan's defense assistance, saying that defense assistance will be closed until the Pakistan does not take a decisive action against terrorism. The US Department of Foreign Affairs, Heather Norteet, briefed that the closure The assistance provided is from security support until the Pakistan does not take action against Haqqani Network and the Afghan Taliban, the support will be closed.
He said that not taking effective action against Pakistan, the US military deployed in Afghanistan also comes under the attack. He said that military equipment to Pakistan will also be stopped. He said that he could not tell about the amount of aid suspended because the administration is still calculating the types of aid affected by this decision.
The spokesperson of the Department said that some relief can be provided to Islamabad if it will take a decisive action against those groups, and the next year's re-examination will be reviewed about the remaining aid, but this amount will not be taken anywhere else. Consider that before the US administration had called for Pakistan to stop US $ 255 million in aid. According to the New York Times, the US Department of Foreign Affairs has not told the total funding to stop, but it says That could be a huge amount.

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