Monday, 8 January 2018

Suo moto against Nawaz Sharif: chief Justice

ISLAMABAD: Media wing of the apex court has been compiling Nawaz Sharif statements given against the Supreme Court (SC) and the learned judges who had disqualified him charges of corruption and dishonesty the source told for not revealing his identity as he was not allowed to speak on this issue.

The Supreme Court chief Justice Saqib Nisar could take suo moto notice of Nawaz Sharif tirade against the learned judges any time and can summoned him under contempt of the court jurisdiction.

Since his ousting from prime minister office, Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz have unleashed criticism against the learned judges of the apex court who had heard Panama corruption case and gave land mark verdict against the corrupt mafia of the country.

The historic judgment also had ended four years rule of Nawaz Sharif and gave hope to the masses that rule of law would prevail in the country and their fundamental rights would be protected from the from corrupt and incompetent aristocracy of the country.
Supreme court Judges are being humiliated in the public rally by Nawaz Sharif and his company which is contrary to their honour and stature, a senior lawyer of the apex court Nyaz Ullah Niazi told and urged the chief Justice to took notice.

The source told that media wing of the supreme court has been compiling the record of Nawaz Sharif statement against the judiciary and the record of News clipping would be filed before CJP whenever the order had been is passed.

The source told that the record of TV interviews of Nawaz Sharif is maintained in PEMRA and on the order the court this record could also be summoned.

Senior Lawyer of the court Niazullah Khan Niazi former president of Islamabad Bar Association told that the court has shown its restraints but now it is high time to took notice of tirade going on against our state institution which he dubbed as bid to weak our state and he also urged upon the chief Justice to took notice and notices to be issued to Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz under contempt of the court laws.

Nawaz Sharif has  been targeting supreme court judges in his public rallies address by saying that the judges had disqualified him illegal as he did  not commit any corruption and he has also been slighting three members bench headed by Chief Justice himself for exonerated Imran Khan from corruption charges and declared him honest, strait worthy and man of principles.  

In the near past, the Supreme Court took the notice of anti judges statement of Senior lawyer Dr Babar Awan and served him notice on contempt of the court laws when he chided the judges for serving him notices.

After hearing the case, the Supreme Court had suspended legal practicing license of Dr Babar Awan which was restore after he submitted his unconditional apology.

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