Saturday, 6 January 2018

Seasonal Influenza claims 14 lives, three doctors also affected

MULTAN: Doctors Associations demand high risk allowance from Punjab government after Seasonal Influenza strikes three doctors serving the victims affected by H1N1 virus while lady doctor shifted to ICU ward in critical condition.

According to details, Doctors associations have insisted treatment of affected doctors on priority.  Due to incompetence of Multan Nishter Hospital administration, no precautionary measures have been taken by the doctors working in isolation ward to avert seasonal influenza despite the fact that this ailment has claimed 14 lives in addition to 35 curing and 10-15 new admissions each day. Health department has claimed additional supply of medicines and initiatives to indulge this disease but doctors have refused to serve in isolation ward while doctors and other associated staff working in isolation ward are still scared and insecure against this deadly virus.

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