Saturday, 6 January 2018

Nawaz defaming army to hide his corruption, says Imran

ISLAMABAD: Lashing out at former Prime Minister, Shahbaz Sharif and Chief Minister Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif, Chairman, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman (PTI) Imran Khan has said that Nawaz Sharif was vilifying the army to hide his corruption.  

Talking to journalists here at his residence, he said both Sharif brothers have damaged the self respect of the Nation and the country. He alleged both Sharif brothers have had appealed U.S senator to help them get regime for the third time.

 Imran Khan alleged that Pakistan’s rulers are behind all the setbacks. On this occasion, he condoled the demise of former air chief Air Marshal Asghar Khan, who passed away earlier today (Friday). He recalled the air marshal’s struggle in getting the Supreme Court to hear his petition alleging misconduct on part of the country’s military establishment in favour of Nawaz Sharif in the 1990 elections. Highlighting services of late Asghar Khan, he said former Air Chief had rendered uncountable sacrifices for the politics and also merged his party into PTI. Asghar Khan was Saadiq and Aamin, he added.

“The mafia of Nawaz controls the country’s institutions,” lamented Imran. Rejecting the recent US move to curtail aid to Pakistan for its alleged failure to cooperate in the war against terrorism, Imran blamed the country’s political leadership for Pakistan’s present state of crisis.

“The US is blaming Pakistan for its failures in Afghanistan,” said the PTI chief. He criticised the incumbent government after the United States cut military aid to the country and questioned why was the prime minister not active in handling the situation.
Highlighting sacrifice of Pakistan in war against terrorism,  he said Pakistan offered sacrifices of over 70,000 people in a war, which was being fought for others. He said economy of the country ruined while U.S was shifting responsibility of its failure in Afghanistan after 16 years on Pakistan.  He held Pakistani rulers responsible for the current saga.

“Our rulers handed over Ramzi Yousuf to U.S for the sake of dollars”, he added.  He quoted Ramzi Yousuf that he was sold to receive dollars from U.S.  He said U.S was disgracing for the sake of Rs 25 billion while only two towers of Ishaq Dar have the cost of Rs 25 billion. He further said Nawaz Sharif shifted Rs 300 billion illegally to abroad.

It is better for Pakistan to halt receiving aid from U.S , he said, adding a country like Cuba, which produces tobacco and sugar-cane can make progress while Pakistan is a bigger country as compared to Cuba, with plenty of natural resources .   

The PTI chief alleged that country’s leadership is itself portraying a negative image, hence, why “would the US be any different”. He added that the Sharif brothers are belittling the country to save themselves and their ill-gotten wealth. “When the country’s leadership itself passes negative statements, why would anyone else stand with the country.”

He also alleged that deposed prime minister Nawaz Sharif was blaming the Army and the judiciary to save the wealth “he has stolen from Pakistan”. Referring to Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif, Imran said when Asif visits foreign countries he claims the PML-N is liberal while the PTI is with the religious parties.

Imran continued his criticism of the ruling party and the Sharif brothers, further adding that the Sharif brothers had blamed Raheel Sharif for not sending troops to Yemen when Saudi Arabia had asked for assistance.

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