Monday, 8 January 2018

Government failed to reduce the circular debt of power

ISLAMABAD: The present government has badly failed to reduce the circular debt of power and upgrade the transmission lines.

According to government claims from 2013 to date about 8694 MW,  47 projects have been completed through out the country, out of which  10 projects  of 7747 MW were completed in 2013. Whereas in 2014, 7 projects were completed comprising of 1422 KW electricity. In 2015, 6 projects completed and 717 MW power were obtained from them.
According to government in 2016, 920 MW power produced by 10 projects.Whereas in 2017, 14 projects were completed and 5162 MW electricity was produced.

These projects include nuclear, LNG, solar, air, hydroelectric power. Whereas the government on arrival in power had paid Rs.450 billion of circular debts but despite this the circular debts in the country has risen to more than  Rs.520 billion. And the load shedding still continues whereas the the work on transmission lines could not be started. The work on the upgradation of transmission lines is going on only in Punjab and no project in this respect has been completed in other provinces.

According to government’s claims before the ensuing general elections more than 10000 MW power will be added to the system. Whereas the main cause of load shedding  in Sindh, South Punjab, Balochistan and KPK is that the lines have not been upgraded and work on these have not been completed.

According to experts if the work on these lines have not been completed, then there is no benefit of bringing in new electricity in the system. The system is very weak to hold additional load. Transmission lines usually trip under the old load.

According to sources there are only claims as for as new electricity is concerned and it will not affect the life style of general public. Because if the system is not upgraded and decreased the circular debts it is not possible to control the power crisis in the country.

Experts says that the rates of electricity has been increased it would be beyond the access of general consumers. And majority of the people are now switching over to solar which will support to ease the load shedding and circular debts will increase further and if transmission lines were upgraded it will further burden general consumers to the tune of Rs. several hundred billions.

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