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Mystery shrouds death of PML-F female activist

Mystery shrouds death of PML-F female activist
Mystery shrouds death of PML-F female activist

HYDERABAD: Police have not yet been able to make any remarkable headway in the mysterious death of Saira Naseer, a Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F) women wing leader whose charred body was found in her burnt out car on the outskirts of Hyderabad within the jurisdiction of the Husri police station on Thursday morning.

Police were busy analyzing the call data record (CDR) of her two SIMs while a murder case was registered at the Husri police station on the complaint of her daughter on Saturday.

In the meantime, her children found what they believed blood stains in the bedroom of her rented Defence residence and shared the possible evidence with the police. However, investigators of the case were yet to find something tangible leading to the killer.

The Hyderabad SSP is personally supervising the case.

Police have already talked to her family members in detail and also to those who had a conversation over her mobile phones. One of those interrogated was her acquaintance, Umair Awan, and another one her maid, Yasmin. The victim’s last conversation over her phone was recorded at 11pm on Wednesday (Dec 6), said a police source. According to the car tracking system record, the burnt out vehicle was not taken to anywhere other than Husri after it moved out of her house.

According to a source, the glass of the side table of her bedroom was found broken and bore marks of blood and such marks were also found in the car porch.

The murder FIR (152/17) was lodged under sections 302, 435, 427 and 201 of the PPC on the complaint of her daughter, Sana.

Saira had moved to the ground floor of a rented bungalow located in the Defence Phase-II area some time ago.

The bungalow is owned by the pro-vice chancellor of a public sector university. She was required to vacate the premises within four months after she recently lost the case in the Cantonment Board Hyderabad (CBH) and the Sindh High Court.

“Saira did have some issues but she never shared them with family members. She was also not happy with her son, Fahad, after he opted for a love marriage. However, she later reconciled with him,” said a source, adding that even her second husband, Zaheer, divorced her on her insistence about four years back but the couple had chosen to keep this secret in the interest of their children. It was only after her death that Zaheer disclosed this to the police.

Before her death in the early hours of Thursday, she stayed out of the house since 11pm. Fahad had met his mother on Wednesday before leaving for Karachi. It was learnt that he tried to contact her at around 7am but found her mobile phone switched off. When he returned home, he found the outer gate open.

“A close circuit television (CCTV) camera footage shows the car moving out of her house with blinkers on windows at around 2 am on Thursday, said a source..

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