Wednesday, 1 November 2017

NYC Attack 10/31/17 after 9/11

On 31st of October New York City had faced another terrorist attack after 9/11. Eight people had been killed and eleven injured in this incident. According to the NYC police attacker is from Uzbekistan. Police arrested him and investigating the whole case whether he was alone or associated with some terrorist agency. 
The attacker plows on the bikers pedestrian and then hit the school bus fortunately only 3 kids were in the bus. NYC is still investigating the reason behind this attack. Some people saying the attacker is insane and his mental condition may lead him to do something like this. But there is a possibility that it was a terrorist attack after 9/11 because America is the most powerful democratic state and other terrorist agencies may destabilize its power. 
Truck attacks are making new trends attacker easily take a truck on rent and killed innocent people which is completely unfair. Because no one has right to take anyone’s life like this way. Here I’m discussing other facts about any terrorist activity as Pakistani we have been facing the terrorism since 9/11 so many people had been killed and people traumatized after facing a lot. Behind the any terrorist activity the major reason is to affect the stability of any state and to face them the economic instability and the unrest in the state which simply means that state is becoming as a weaker state. US would not want to become as a weaker state. 
Still NYCPD is investigating the reason behind this attack. US playing an important role in international politics there are some Muslims states are facing Us strict policies may be that is the reason they are acting rebellious and US is facing these kind of terrorist attacks. Then again I must say we need to promote equality between states and maintain good relationships among them. Because we all want are terrorism free countries. 

NYC Attack 10/31/17 after 9/11
NYC Attack 10/31/17 after 9/11 

That’s how we can give better future to our young generation and a stable country. NYC attack is also similar UK attack France and Israel. This attack was very close to the world trade center may be that is the reason NYC police want and get to know the depth of this incident and the consequences of this attack. In the end am concluding my most important point this is not Islam and any terrorist activity associated with Muslims is not fair. Because Islam is the most peaceful religion and we condemn there kind of terrorist activities. Simply no beef.

Posted By Sana Maqsood

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