Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Dolly ki dolli in Sargodha

Marriage is the most respectable relationship considered in our religion and society but unfortunately some people take it as a business. Few days ago I got to know a highly disappointing story about twelve marriages within two months. A girl from Sargodha who is just eighteen years old got married to twelve different men. How disgusting it was she has been cheating on them and playing with their emotions. And apparently the whole family was involved a mother and a fake father, fake brothers and sisters.

 How someone could be so cruel they created believable story about their bad financial condition they took money from Grooms family. The girl who has been using different names like sanam sana shazia etc.for marriages she hardly stayed there for two days and then took all his money and jewellery and run away for another target. The lawyer Raja Gulam Hussain was investigating one case but sooner he got to know police is also involved to give them support.

Dolly ki dolli in Sargodha
Dolly ki dolli in Sargodha 

Posted By Sana Maqsood

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