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Zionism through history

  Zionism through history
              Zionism through history

What is Zionism? Zionism is a political and national movement aimed at creating and sustaining a Jewish state in Middle East. According to many traditional and orthodox Jewish teachings, Jewish are forbidden by God to have their own state until Messiah comes. But this hasn’t stopped Zionism from pushing toward that very goal. To understand how all this started, let’s go back to 1897. A man named Theodor Herzl formed the World Zionist Organization. He advocated for the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine and is even mentioned in the Israeli Declaration of Independence. It was tough to be a Jew in Europe at that time with anti-Semitic sentiments rising. Herzl felt the only way for his people to live in peace was for them to have their own country.

Palestine was chosen, and a popular slogan started spreading around the world, “A land without a people for a people without a land”. The only problem was Palestine WASN’T a land without people. A large number of Muslims and Christians a long with a small number of Jews had been living there together in peace, for centuries. But for many Christian Zionists living in the west and Jewish Zionists living in Europe that made little difference. Following the fall of the Ottoman Empire at the end of WWI and along with British support, Jewish immigration to the newly British-occupied Palestine was steady in the early 20th century. Then there was a turning point, WWII. Following the Holocaust, the flow of Jews to occupied Palestine boomed and many Western countries began backing the idea of a Jewish state in Palestine. Although a UN Resolution recommended both an independent Arab and Jewish state in the region. Israel went ahead and declared their independence in 1948 and was recognized by US President Harry Truman that very same day. The Zionist movement had achieved its main victory. In the period after its establishment, Israeli carried out an invasion of neighboring countries and at the end of 1967’s Six-Day War, Israeli extended its control in the region displacing countless Christian and Muslim Palestinians. A year later, The 28th World Zionist Congress adopted the “Jerusalem Program”. A list of five goals, which are the makeup of modern Zionism. 

  1. The unity of Jewish people and the centrality of Israel in Jewish life.
  2. The ingathering of the Jewish people in its historic homeland, Eretz Israel, through Aliyah from all countries.
  3. The strengthening of the State of Israel which is based on the prophetic vision of justice and peace.
  4. The preservation of the identity of the Jewish people through the fostering of Jewish and Hebrew education.
  5. The protection of Jewish rights everywhere.
Zionism through history
Zionism through history
In practice, their goals of “justice and peace” have been lost to many of the non-jewish people living in the region. The Israeli military has been illegally controlling and occupying much of Palestine and constant illegal settlement building on Palestinian land by Zionist state has been condemned by much of the international community. What do you think about Zionism? 

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