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Women’s life in Pakistan

Being an Islamic country, Pakistan had its own restrictions about the women. Females were discriminated, oppressed and mistreated in centuries and were considered as the lower class of society. Now, proudly we can say that this concept has changed in the right direction. More and more we hear every day about women in universities, in politics, in business and we can clearly note their freedom and independence. Unfortunately, the luckiest women who experience this kind of independence are those in major cities like Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi etc.

Women's Life in Pakistan
City Life of Women in Pakistan

It is quite sad to see the life of village women, who struggle in basic day. Their life has no other purpose but to serve to the born family up to a certain age and after getting married in a very young age they serve to another family and to their husbands, whom most of the time are chosen by the male members of the family. What is scary and impropriated in the same time, due to their culture and religion bond, is the fact that these girls get married to their cousins, basically inside same bloodline.
Even though scientifically is proven that the marriage inside same bloodline may cause high risk of abnormalities in the newborns, they still can’t defied the verdict of their fathers or elder brothers.
Women who try to make love marriage in rural places are consider as misbehaved or not “pure”. Virginity is also a very important issue in society moral. Every women is presumed virgin if she was never married, otherwise it can lead in fatal actions from her own family, including murder in name of honor. As extreme and unbelievable it may look to western women, this was a reason for many killings inside family in Pakistan.   
Luckily for those who live in the cities, this phenomes are becoming more common among the young girls who pursue the high education and the society is accepting it as a normal thing and not anymore as a “fatal mistake” that can bring shame to the family.
The government’s optimism that the country had entered the phase of demographic transition has not been borne out by the census of 2017. It is estimated that the rate of growth in population was one-third higher than what the government had believed. It was 2.4 per cent rather than 1.8 per cent assumed in the Pakistan Economic Survey of 2016-17. This is a main indicator that shows that women are “used” for reproduction in rural areas of the country and they can’t have their own career, objectives or personal life. If a women isn’t happy in her marriage, she will have to face two main big barriers. Either to confront the mentality of the society and bring shame to the family (which most probably will denies her) and live alone in poverty or submit to the unhappy marriage life for sake of mentality and opinions. This doesn’t look like a real choice to many western women, but this is a “reality” for them. According to Islam, man can have other wives with or without the consent of the first one. That leads to a mental torture and depression of the first wives, but they don’t have a “say” in this decision and their opinion is not considered most of times. Rural women has to face in their everyday life a series of inconveniences.

Village Life in Pakistan
Village Life of Women in Pakistan

Women are a precious gift from God and they are your sisters, your daughters, your mothers and your wives. We should respect and appreciate them and not treat them as a property. Every man is a son of a women. God created women from man’s ribs so they can be next to each other, and not by his feet so he can step on her. Let’s respect and love God creation and those who brought us to life.

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