Monday, 30 October 2017

Winter is coming guys

Winter is coming we are going to enjoy the long nights in blankets and short hours of light. Beautiful sunset with the mug of coffee or chai.

Sardi hai chai chahiye yar .

Everyone loves chai and coffee in winters. Eating habits also change because eating become a  preference in winter e.g. pakoray...  winter pakoray with chai is the most interesting thing in winters. people love to have nuts cashew peanuts and almond to keep themselves warm.

Fashion trends also change in winters. Every year designers come up with new ideas everyone wants to look pretty and graceful with the new winter collection. Here are some simple fashion ideas that you would not want to miss on this winter.

Winter is coming guys
Winter is coming guys 
Fashion is not all about for ladies it’s also for men they have right to look handsome. That’s why men are also into fashion male designers working on men’s collection so they look more stylish and cool.

Winter is coming guys
Winter is coming guys 
Fashion and style in winter enjoy your winters .Fashion and style in winter enjoy your winters. Pakistan is playing an important role in fashion industry there are so many designers who are introducing new fashion trends every year. They introduce their new collections with different names EID collection summer collection midsummer collection and of course winter collection for women and men as well.

“so what are your ideas about this season ? Let us know in your feedback section”

Posted By Sana Maqsood

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