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Former cricketer Sarfaraz Nawaz ‘threatened’ by bookies

Former cricketer Sarfaraz Nawaz registered a complaint with the police against bookies for threatening him, police said on Friday.

He has sought protection and action against those who have threatened him.

Former cricketer Sarfaraz Nawaz ‘threatened’ by bookies
Former cricketer Sarfaraz Nawaz ‘threatened’ by bookies

The former cricketer lodged a complaint with the assistant commissioner Industrial Area who forwarded it to the Industrial Area police.
The FIR says Mr Nawaz had spoken against the bookie mafia in TV shows and on social media and that he is also pursuing court cases regarding the matter as well.
According to the FIR, Mr Nawaz said he was returning with a friend after recording statements as witnesses in two separate cases in courts of additional session’s judges on Oct 13 when their car was intercepted in I-8.
Two men are said to have disembarked from the vehicle and pulled out weapons. One of the men remained in front of the car while the other is said to have approached Mr Nawaz’ car, threatened him and told him not to give statements against the PCB, players and bookies and to stop pursuing cases in courts.
According to the complainant, the man threatened his wife and children in case he goes to the courts again.
The complainant had registered a similar complaint in 2010 when he was threatened by unidentified persons in Kachnar Park I-8.
When asked, the police said surveillance and vigilance was started in the area the former cricketer lived and that investigations have been launched. The matter of providing Mr Nawaz with protection has been referred to senior officers.

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