Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The cargo spacecraft "Tianzhou 1" successfully supplied "Tiangong 2"

China's largest cosmic cargo ship, "Tianzhou 1", successfully completed the third and final fuel supply of the Space Laboratory “Tiangong 2”.

The cargo spacecraft "Tianzhou 1" was successfully launched on April 20 and joined the space lab "Tiangong 2" two days later.

Its primary task is to transport freight to spatial station.

The cargo spacecraft "Tianzhou 1" successfully supplied "Tiangong 2"

The first fuel supply in orbit took place on April 27, while the second on June 15.

The success of the “Tianzhou 1” mission shows that China has completed the second phase of the space flight program with cosmonauts, officially entering the "spatial station era".

Posted By Raela Hafizi

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